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Esli Kravanja

Why this is such a challenging environment for technicians?

“After my internship, I started as an outside operator in the ammonia plant. I have been here for many years now and have followed an internal training programme. My experience has made me an increasingly rounded employee. Our plants are huge, so you learn something new every day. Friends sometimes tell me that their work is dull, but mine – no way! I need to stay alert at all times. If the control room sees something suspicious on the monitor, I investigate it. It's actually the malfunctions that I learn a lot from. That means having to look for solutions and make connections between everything I know. Still, I'm never on my own. If there is a problem, I consult with colleagues and we find a solution together. For technicians, this is a challenging environment in which you constantly encounter new situations. I also like the shift work. Fortunately, I only need to get up early two mornings in a row. After working six days, I get four days off.

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