Working together on the future and your career

Over the next ten years, OCI Nitrogen is looking for 200 driven operators

At OCI Nitrogen we make high-quality fertilizers and melamine. We do this from Chemelot, a progressive and innovative community of chemical companies in the south of the Netherlands. More than 500 professionals, mostly technicians, work at OCI Nitrogen. You can progress at all levels here. In the next ten years, we will need two hundred operators in our fertilizer, ammonia and melamine plants alone. Also keep an eye on our functions in the field of sales, logistics, finance & ICT. Read here what OCI Nitrogen has to offer you as an employer.

Typical OCI Nitrogen characteristics

We are an ambitious company. We want to be the best performing company in our markets. We can only achieve this with well-trained and committed employees. We want to keep our professionals with us for a long time to come. You can therefore count on a social organisation. The lines of communication are short and we offer you plenty of opportunities to develop yourself. Needless to say, we do so in the first instance within our own company, but we also facilitate career advancement to other companies at Chemelot. We also have excellent terms of employment and we underline our social character by organising various non-work-related activities.

Meet your colleagues now

Our plants operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our process operators and technicians ensure that production is as safe and efficient as possible. At our head office, staff are always available to our clients. A characteristic feature is that we all want to progress. We are decisive and vigorous. We work together and think in terms of solutions to achieve the best possible results. Would you like to help us in terms of technology or production? Or do you envisage a position at our head office? Get to know some potential new colleagues now and gain insight into your new job.

The strengths of our staff

Decisive and vigorous
We go for unity and teamwork
No-nonsense mentality

Chemelot Career Center

At Chemelot, we work closely together. Also when it comes to employment. The Chemelot Career Centre focuses on recruiting and retaining all the talent present at Chemelot. Career steps within a company may vary. And if you want to progress to a fellow-company at Chemelot, you can do so easily via the Chemelot Career Centre.

Chemelot Operator Academy

Chemelot is looking for hundreds of operators over the next 10 years. Via the Chemelot Academy, we train lateral entry students to Operator B. For more information, see “Chemelot Operator Academy”.

Energetic employees are key

Energetic employees are the basis of our business operations. We encourage employees to be healthy and energetic at work and in life. That is why there are attractive sports programmes, we offer training and programmes to continuously develop yourself and there is a focus on working conditions.

Internships and graduating

Well-trained and enthusiastic young people are crucial for the continuity of our business. We therefore offer young specialists and professionals opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills within the company.

We work closely with technical training centres. For example, we offer process operator trainees (Operator B/C) a wide range of options to acquire practical experience via well guided internships. We also offer interesting traineeships and graduation assignment opportunities for other students. ​

Finally, we regularly give secondary school pupils, students, and other interested people the opportunity to take a look “behind the scenes” at OCI Nitrogen.

Unsolicited application? Of course!

If you don't see a suitable vacancy but would like to be considered for future vacancies, you can share your background and CV with us using the button below. Who knows, maybe we'll meet soon.