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Klazien Ebbens

Opportunities come along. Dare to seize them!

"In 2016 I switched from Production Manager to Biogas Project Manager. I am now Sustainability Manager. This growth is typical of OCI Nitrogen. We may not be the largest company, but there are great opportunities here. If you think constructively, take responsibility and dare to put forward ideas, you can continue to develop yourself. I seized the opportunity to become Biogas Project Manager with both hands. The aim was clear and practical: ferment manure to create biogas and reduce our carbon footprint. How hard can it be? Reality has proved difficult and not everything is as clear as it seems. It takes blood, sweat and tears to do something that innovative. The great thing is that we, as an organisation, dare to go for this. My job also covers more than biogas. I also started thinking about how we can organise the climate transition as smartly as possible. I genuinely believe that we’re at the start of the transition. In twenty or thirty years’ time, our industry will have changed. We will not be producing hydrogen from natural gas alone, but also from renewable sources of energy, such as electrolysis based on wind energy. For me, it’s a daily challenge to pursue these goals as well as possible."

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