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Jo Merkelbach

Nice career thanks to a lot of experience

“I started as a B operator in 1979. I now coordinate the plant shut-down and start-up process. You see, OCI Nitrogen’s two ammonia plants run day and night. Every two years, we shut them down for a thorough inspection. We call that a turnaround, and I coordinate it. I thought carefully beforehand whether I wanted this position. There is a lot of responsibility involved. Where there are normally three people working outside, there are 700 during a turnaround. OCI’s career counselling system was very helpful. They wanted an experienced employee for this job. For me, it was the perfect opportunity to switch from continuous shift work to day shift. Typical of working here are the many opportunities you get. If you just do your best and maybe just a little bit more, then you have a bright future ahead of you here."

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